When it comes to mobile SEO, the meta title is an extremely important element.

Client Retention


When it comes to growing your SEO business, client retention is important. Not only will it keep your clients happy, but it will also increase your revenue. Research shows that customers who are satisfied with your services spend 67% more over the course of the next 36 months. This increase in spending is due in part to the fact that your customers now trust you.

To increase your client retention, you need to measure your marketing efforts. This will give you data-driven support for your decisions and will show you the impact of your strategies on your bottom line. A good way to measure this is to track customer lifetime value. Knowing this will allow you to spend your marketing dollars in the most effective way.

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The content of your portfolio should be divided into sections, so that visitors can easily navigate from one section to the next. In addition, you should include videos and polls, which will keep visitors interested.

best ways

One of the best ways to sell yourself as an SEO professional is to use case studies to showcase your expertise. Whether your SEO business is new or you’re already well established, case studies can be very effective tools to help you promote your business.

Case Studies

The main advantage of case studies is that they don’t have to be too long or overly technical. After all, your prospects might not be familiar with SEO terms, so making them too technical is likely to bore them. In contrast, case studies should convey emotion and a story.

Case studies show you the benefits of SEO in the real world. They can show you how a successful SEO campaign can benefit a small business. For example, Case Study 1 shows how an SEO agency increased sales for Complete Plumbing Source by 2000% in two years. Besides the increased revenue, they also showed better lead generation and conversion rates.

SEO auditing



Crushing Traffic

A post that is at the bottom of a top ten list may be crushing traffic if it was published only a week ago. Also, blog posts often undergo minor modifications, which is why a content SEO audit must include the date that the post was last modified.

Performing a content SEO audit involves using Google Analytics and other tools to analyze your website’s content. This will allow you to identify which pages are receiving the most traffic and have the highest potential to rank well. Additionally, an SEO audit will help you determine which pages need to be updated or removed. Also, it will reveal pages that are duplicative of each other.

Identifying a niche